Electro Acupuncture Testing (EAV) | Electro Dermal Screening (EDS)

What it tests:

Energy flow in different acupuncture meridians connected to all the systems of the body

  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Indicates whether a remedy or supplement is good for you
  • Determination of body toxicity due to pesticides, parasites, food additives, heavy metals and other environmental toxicants.​

AV/ EDS is a valuable test because it gives us a powerful, energetic, insight into the physiology, bio chemistry and pathology of an individual.

“HEALTH” in reality can be broken down into health of the tissues, the organs and the glands, and these composed of cells, it is extremely difficult to measure the cells but we can indirectly get a sense of what is going on within the cells by measuring the blood. Similarly, the energetic system is a component of the body. It is related to everything going on in the body, and therefore measuring the energetic system gives us a valuable, non – invasive sense of everything that is going on within the body.

For example:

With an EAV/EDS test, unfavorable readings may indicate a disturbance in the liver. Often, the puzzle of what is really going on is locked deeply with in the cells. A possible explanation may be pesticide toxicity causing a disorder in the liver. A standard blood test will generally reveal absolutely nothing about this condition. Taking chemical assays of the blood and urine may give a doctor some indications of the pesticide toxicity but it is very doubtful that the indications will point specifically to the liver.

With the EAV/ EDS test we can investigate, all the symptoms of the body, the many causes for imbalances in those systems and the best treatments for each individual.

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