Infertility and Preconception Program


Starting a family should be one of the happiest times in your life, but for 1 in 10 couples becoming pregnant isn’t always easy to achieve.

For people struggling with their fertility, the process of getting pregnant can be physically uncomfortable, time consuming, costly and stressful – all without any guarantee of success. Naturopathic medicine is an excellent alternative to more invasive fertility procedures. Consulting with a naturopathic doctor, who looks at your overall health, along with any fertility concerns can enhance your chances of becoming pregnant.

At our clinic, you will be assessed for any underlying conditions that may be impeding your chances of getting pregnant such as PCOS, fibroids, hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, irregular cycles, low sperm counts etc… Naturopathic medicine is also extremely effective in cases of “unexplained infertility” as there are additional assessments and environmental tests that will provide more information.

Diagnosis and management of fertility issues often come with a great deal of stress and anxiety. It is important that you have a health care professional who takes the time to explain things to you and who truly cares about you and your family. Dr. Carolyn has over 20 years of experience helping couples become pregrant.

Preconception Program

Thinking of becoming pregnant soon? Want to be optimally healthy for you and your baby? Consider our preconception program to prepare you for the healthiest possible pregnancy!

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