ONDAMED was invented by electronics engineer, Rolf Binder in Schwanau, Germany. The technology is the result of 25 years of research in biophysical medical testing and therapy that resulted in the development of several well known and sophisticated therapeutic devices.

On the basis of this experience, Binder discovered how to interrogate the body’s communication systems and introduce signals that stimulate the natural healing process. Medical professionals worldwide have been using ONDAMED with remarkable success for over a decade.

ONDAMED (latin: wave medicine) is a technology based on Pulsed Electro – Magnetic Fields(PEMF) and its philosophy centers around the pulse Biofeedback, enabling the practitioner to access each individual’s needs.

ONDAMED’s unique feature enables the practitioner to monitor patient’s responses to a wide variety of subtle electromagnetic fields introduced via the neck applicator, and select which frequencies are most appropriate. These signals are then introduced with the hand – held applicator or the larger matrix – applicator.

How Does the ONDAMED work?

ONDAMED is based on the principal of Electro – magnetic introduction. The device produces a highly focused pulsed electromagnetic field that penetrates deep into a targeted region of the body to painlessly stimulate tissues and “Jump – Start” cellular activities.

Mechanism of action


  • Adds energy through natural resonance effects.
  • Raises the electrical potential of tissues that are in a weakened state
  • Restores normal functions
  • Promotes relaxation as evidenced by changes in brain waves.

Who can benefit from ONDAMED?

ONDAMED can be effective for all people who are seeking relief from pain, promoting relaxation and improved sleeping patterns, as well as improved circulation. Many clinical studies have shown that PEMF produce significant results in wound healing, bone regrowth, and pain relief.

ONDAMED is FDA  approved and approved for use by Health Canada.

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