Trauma Energetics Therapy

Have you tried affirmations, the law of attraction, psychotherapy and or other life transition therapies and still been unable to realize deep and lasting healing?

Do you come up against the same patterns repeating in your life over and over again, no matter how hard you try to make changes?

Unresolved Trauma is often what holds people back from realizing their full potential and living joyful, peaceful and fulfilling lives. Trauma Energetics (TE) is a holistic, meditational approach to trauma resolution developed by William Redpath. All Trauma, personal, familial and generational is stored energetically in the mind and body. By focusing on inner colour and shape without will or intention, we can readily tap into the brains self-healing capacities.

A session can take from one to two hours and fees are available upon request. Six to 10 sessions are recommended. Of all the healing techniques I have studied and practiced, Trauma Energetics  offers the most profound and thorough experience of deep inner healing I have witnessed professionally to date.

A non-invasive therapy is essentially non-narrative and does not require you to re-experience the full repetition of the traumatic events, in order to heal. I highly recommend TE for anyone wishing to experience deep and lasting healing, as well as for those suffering from serious and life threatening health conditions.

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